Understanding Eye exams

What is an Eye Exam

The eye is a marvelous tool that is unique to each individual patient and requires dedicated attention. An eye exam is an assessment of the visual health of the eye as well as a non-intrusive insight to other potential silent issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. As with any important procedure, every eye exam has a fundamental path to addressing healthy vision and helping to identify other potential health issues that may need attention.

There are many facets to an eye exam that help our optometrists address individual patient needs and goals. Below you will find a breakdown of different types of eye exams and ‘frequently asked questions’ to address the important procedures performed when undergoing each type of eye exam. This will help to understand the technical side and depth of eye exams that optometrists use to help you maintain healthy vision. Feel free to contact The Optometrists at World Optic to help with any questions you may have.

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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Understanding a patient's vision history is a vital tool for any practitioner. It is always recommended to develop a relationship with a practice that you feel comfortable with and trust to help you document your visual health. If you have been seeing the same Optometrist or Ophthalmologist they should have your visual history documented, which will help to guide you with maintaining healthy vision.

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Contact Lens Exam

Our contact lens exam will help you find the right contact lenses to give you the best vision, comfort and eye health. We will tailor the contact lens prescription based on your daily activities, hobbies and special event needs.

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Low Vision Exam

For patients who have reduced vision, a low vision evaluation will focus on a patient’s goals and find tools to achieve the best vision possible with the patient’s remaining. Low vision may have been the result of macular degeneration, optic nerve disease, or genetic eye disorders such as retinitis pigmentosa. This evaluation can involve testing out different powers of handheld magnifiers, desk magnifiers, electronic magnifiers, handheld telescopes, or bioptic telescopes.

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Medical Eye Exam

For patients with specific ocular medical concerns, there are different evaluations available.

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Pediatric Examinations

We recommend eye examinations for all children. Kids do not always know that how they are seeing is not normal. Many children also do not notice if only one eye does not see well, causing them to act normally but have difficulty with depth perception, sports or balance.

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Vision Therapy Examinations

Vision is more than seeing 20/20. How your eyes function in your environment includes many more visual skills and processing. If you have eyestrain/headaches with near work or visual activity, intermittent blurred vision, double vision, difficulty reading, an eye turn or lazy eye, have a history of concussion or brain injury, a deeper evaluation of your visual skills is recommended.

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