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Anaheim Hills Eye Exams

The eye is a marvelous tool that is unique to each individual patient and requires dedicated attention. An eye exam is an assessment of the visual health of the eye as well as a non-intrusive insight to other potential silent issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. As with any important procedure, every eye exam has a fundamental path to addressing healthy vision and helping to identify other potential health issues that may need attention.

There are many facets to an eye exam that help our optometrists address individual patient needs and goals. Below you will find a breakdown of different types of eye exams and ‘frequently asked questions’ to address the important procedures performed when undergoing each type of eye exam. This will help to understand the technical side and depth of eye exams that optometrists use to help you maintain healthy vision. Feel free to contact The Optometrists at World Optic to help with any questions you may have.

Anaheim Hills, CA

Anaheim Hills is a planned neighborhood in Orange County, California, and it is one of the best places to live minutes away from FUllerton. It is also one of the safest, most serene areas of the state, making it an excellent place for visitors and residents alike.

You will find a lot of restaurants and parks, including trails, dirt paths, and ponds. Also, this part of Anaheim city is famous among tourists who come to explore the city and the breathtaking views of California.

Sightseeing In Anaheim Hills, CA

Anaheim hills is blessed with nature’s bounties like the Oak Canyon Nature Center, a nature sanctuary in the urban area. It has several hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty ranging from easy to moderate. A stream flows through the park and crosses many of the trails so you can have a picturesque hike any time of the year.

Start your tour with the Nature Center’s museum where you can study the plants and animal life in the area – there are plenty of hiking trails and other exciting things to do here.

When you are done exploring the Nature Center, start on your adventure. Just take a stroll along the stream or watch the fish swimming to soothe your eyes and soul.

A 103-acre wilderness area in the Anaheim Hills called the Deer Canyon Park Reserve should be your next step. It also offers numerous tracks for both hiking, horse-riding, nature trips and bird watching. You will also find some gorgeous wildflowers that will make your trip more interesting and soothing.

Anaheim Hills also houses a golf course that is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Orange County. It is nestled in the hills and offers a rolling landscape that’s perfect for true gold aficionados. It boasts of expansive grounds, old trees, and serene yet challenging experience for anyone who visits it.

This community is also popular for its high-end restaurants that feature locally grown produce and teas made from citrus fruits that are grown in California. Since it has a growing Asian population, you can find Asian fusion cuisine. You will also see many food trucks that offer authentic Mexican and Latin American cuisine.

Moreover, one of the most fascinating facts about Anaheim Hills is that it is a master-planned community that’s home to several sports stars. So who knows, you might just spot a celebrity or two during your time in Anaheim Hills.

Knowing that the Anaheim Hills has so much to offer, make sure your eyeglasses are in perfect condition.

To ensure the health of your eyes, get in touch with the best optometrist for your routine eyesight checkups.

If you live or are visiting Anaheim Hills and you suddenly started noticing some problems with your eyesight due to any reason, you can get your eyes tested at World Optic and enjoy the comfort of knowing that World Optic can accommodate all eyewear needs including glasses for all budgets with most all major brands and designer names, contact lenses, accessories, expert eyewear repairs and modifications. Truly the first one stop shop.

Quick Drive To Fullerton from Anaheim Hills

World Optic is located about a 15 minute drive from Anaheim Hills to Fullerton. You can find World Optic at the College Square shopping center on the corner of Chapman and State College in Fullerton, one block away from Cal State Fullerton University surrounded by highly touted restaurants and everyday shopping including Smart and Final’, Office Depot, Dollar Tree, CVS and minutes away from Down town Fullerton. World Optic expert lab technicians can repair and mend your eyeglasses or sunglasses that everyone else said cannot be repaired. Also, don’t forget to check out our expansive collection of frames including the hottest brands and designer names, or refill your contact lens prescription. What ever you need World Optic should be able to help :)

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