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World Optic is an authorized store for Rec Specs Sunglasses, Eyeglasses and Cases. Visit our showroom to see our entire Rec Specs eyewear collection. World Optic also provides the latest technology in prescription lenses. Need your Rec Specs Repaired or Modified?

"Liberty Sport was founded in 1929 as a manufacturer of plastic and metal ophthalmic frames. In 1978 we introduced the world's first prescription sport goggle under the Rec Specs line of protective sports eyewear. For over 30 years Liberty Sport has been at the forefront of a national movement encompassing health professionals, educators and the private sector to prevent eye injuries in sports and recreational activities. In 2000, in response to the changing optical market, Liberty Sport sold its ophthalmic frames division to concentrate solely on the prescription sports market ' designing and distributing protective sports and sun performance eyewear. Our dedication to research, engineering, and technology has placed Liberty Sport on the cutting edge of the performance eyewear industry." More..

"Rec Specs has been the leader in the growing national movement promoting eye safety during scholastic and recreational sports. Introduced in 1978 as the first prescription protective sports eyewear, today over 20,000 eyecare professionals in the USA and the world, rely on Rec Specs when it comes to providing the best possible protective sports eyewear to both children and adults. Rec Specs is the first protective sport eyewear to receive the AOA seal of approval." More..

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