Aspheric Lenses

An aspheric lens usually carries a rationally symmetrical profile on an axis point creating a thinner lens and reducing spherical aberration. Aspheric lenses are ideal for heavy spherical and cylindrical prescriptions. High index lenses are often incorporated with aspheric designs creating a thin lightweight lens, considering aggressive prescriptions. Besides enhancing widened visual acuity in most cases, aspheric lenses may also create a better aesthetic appearance for patients with severe prescriptions by reducing magnification around the edges producing a more natural look as opposed to "Coke Bottle" eyes or "Tiny Eyes" effect. It is important to note that aspheric lenses should help aesthetically, but may not eliminate extreme magnification of the eyes.

Below you will find pros and cons for aspheric lenses and also leading manufatures of aspheric lenses.

  • Enhanced wider visual acuity
  • Thinner lens design
  • Reduced magnification creating better aesthetic appearance
  • Expensive technology
  • May not be available with all premium lenses
  • May not be available with all lens types

Aspheric Lens Manufactures

Manufacture: Augen Optics
Notable Lens: Double Aspheric Lenses

Augen Optics was founded by Dr. Antonio Machado over 20 years ago as a small optical laboratory producing plastic lenses in Mexico. Today, Augen is an international eyeglass lens manufacturer with comprehensive R&D, manufacturing and processing capabilities and a full line of proprietary More..

Manufacture: Hoya
Notable Lens: Nulux Nulux ep

HOYA Vision Care of the Americas makes and supplies ophthalmic lenses to Eye Care Professionals located within the United States, Canada, and South American countries. HOYA supplies a complete range of high quality lens designs, coatings and materials. More..

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