Trivex Lenses

Trivex was invented for the military as a polymer that is clearer and lighter than poly. The name Trivex was derived to reflect the combination of the three distinctive characteristics: excellent optics, impact resistance and its lightweight nature. However, Trivex is slightly lower on the refractive index than poly with a 1.53 index vs 1.59 index (poly). This difference in index refers to a slightly thicker anatomy than poly. However, if processed by an experienced lab, Trivex can be comparable to poly in thickness and weight, but with significantly better optics. First introduced to the public in 2003 this lens medium is an ideal material for patients that want rimless, safety, and/or sports eyewear and cannot adapt to poly and/or are looking for the clearest optics/impact resistance.

Currently there are only a few manufactures using Trivex for spectacle lenses. The most notable are Younger Optics which originally had exclusive rights to Trivex and created a brand name known as Trilogy, which currently has the most variety in lens types and premium lenses. Augen Optics is another notable company using Trivex and has introduced a High Definition Lens

Pros and Cons of a trivex lens

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