Polarized Lenses

There are two major elements to sun-glare. There is vertical glare and horizontal glare; together they create a blinding effect known as sun glare.

A polarized lens has a thin film (filter) glued or fused in-between the lens, which filters out the horizontal glare, hence eliminating a major factor to sun-glare. The effects of a polarized lens are most notable when looking at water surfaces on a bright day, driving in blinding bright conditions, reflections from a bright day with snow filled terrain etc. By eliminating horizontal glare the viewer is able to see more contrast and can actually see through the waters reflective surface. Using Nupolar and Transitions technology, Younger Optics has created the first polarized/photochromatic lens called Drivewear.

Polarized filters are also used to create a 3-demensional effect with some movies. By placing one horizontal filtered lens and one vertical filter lens in an eyewear frame, the brain attempts to bring together both viewpoints creating an illusion of a three dimensional image.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages regarding polarized lenses and some links to manufactures of polarized lenses.

  • Better visual acuity in sunlight than the naked eye
  • Colors never fades
  • Excellent for driving, water sports, skiing, and other sun related activities
  • Limited colors
  • May have clear halo around lens on high minus lenses and other extreme prescriptions
  • Not recommended for rimlon frames, lens may split lens depending how close the groove is to the laminated seam, unless lens is fused together

Polarized Lens Manufactures

Coppertone (By Vision-Ease) Click here to see Vision-Ease's Website

Vision-Ease Lens, the leader in polarized innovation and technology, brings you Coppertone polarized lenses. For over 60 years, Schering-Plough HealthCare Products Inc., the maker of Coppertone, America's leading suncare brand, has been making better summers!More

KBco (By KBco)

At KBco our number one focus is to develop ground breaking polarized lens designs that are of the highest quality available. Take a look at our product showcase to see just how many polarized lens choices there are. And while you're here sign up for the Polar Club to receive updates about More

NuPolar (By Younger Optics)

It all began more than 50 years ago with one man's vision to create a bifocal that wouldn't give away the wearer's age with its telltale lines. This desire led Irving Rips to develop the world's first "seamless bifocal", which was launched in 1955. Younger Optics - so named because the new lenses More

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