Drivewear Lenses

Drivewear is a revolutionary lens that has brought the element of photochromatic together with polarized lenses. For years many sunwear users sought a lens that would adjust with the amount of light, but that could also provide the clarity of a polarized lens. Well the future is here; the photochromatic lens company that brought us Transitions lenses teamed up with NuPolar technology to unite the best of both worlds.

Photo-Chromatic Lens Element within Drivewear

Unlike a traditional photochromatic lens that reacts to direct UV light, which has been an issue with most photochromatic lenses not working in cars because UV light is filtered by wind shields. Drivewear was designed to react to light, not necessarily UV light, which allows the lens to constantly adapt to surrounding light. Another difference between the traditional photochromatic lens and the Drivewear design is that Drivewear never transitions to a clear lens. Drivewear was designed to create optimum contrast in every condition providing the user with the ultimate experience in visual acuity. This was achieved by selecting lens color for opposite extreme conditions and to compliment the glare reducing polarized filter within the lens. A yellow color was selected to illuminate and provide ultimate contrast in overcast conditions along with a dark amber color to provide the same effect in bright conditions.

Below you will find a link to to the companies that are responsible for Drivewear technology. Click here to be directed to the Drivewear Website.

Transitions and NuPolar Technologies


One of the most notable photo-chromatic lens manufactures on the market is Transitions. Transitions have a patented photochromatic dye within the lens that produces an ultra clear and ultra dark effect with a quick transition time. Transitions are available in Gray and Brown. Transitions used to make a lens called the Splitz that changed from red to purple, green to blue, orange to yellow and a couple of other variations. These lenses were discontinued around 2003-2004. However, Transitions have teamed up with Nupolar to create the first polarized photocromatic lens called Drivewear. The Drivewear lens changes from a yellow (for low light environment) to a brown (for bright environment) accommodating the lighting condition. Both colors of the Drivewear are attributed to creating contrast for almost any lighting condition. More

NuPolar (By Younger Optics)

It all began more than 50 years ago with one man's vision to create a bifocal that wouldn't give away the wearer's age with its telltale lines. This desire led Irving Rips to develop the world's first "seamless bifocal", which was launched in 1955. Younger Optics - so named because the new lenses More

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